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Manage teams and solve puzzles quickly.

Ordo will help you make more democratic decisions, properly attribute member contributions, and provide cryptographic tools for solving puzzles faster.

Organizing and managing a team is hard work

You want to be able to split the prize fairly as possible based on real contributions. You want to be able to make democratic decisions as a team and not be a trusted benevolent ruler. You want to provide tools to your team so that they can solve puzzles quickly and efficiently as possible.

Democratic Decisions

Use Ordo's team voting features to let your team members cast votes on important decisions.

Contribution Tracking

Use Ordo's contribution tracking features to make sure everyone who helped gets the proper recognition.

Cryptographic Tools

Use Ordo's cryptographic tools to level the playing field and help your members solve puzzles fast as possible.

Core Features

What can Ordo do?

Ordo provides your team with dozens of commands in your Discord server. The expert team will be provided with a code that enable them to easily create an algorithmic trading bot with which commodities such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc. can be traded. Online algorithmic trading software is also a viable choice; despite the fact that some trading software, such as bitcoin profit, employs a complex algorithm, they can deliver a 90 percent success rate in terms of profitability. Visit https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-profit/ to learn more about this platform.

Team Voting

Make decisions by opening the floor for a team vote. Hear what everyone has to say and let the majority rule.






Member Contributions

Make the hunt more fair by tracking member contributions that you found helpful. There's a lot more to a successful hunt than just the person who finds the key. Did someone confirm a clue is a dead-end? Solve one step of many for a certain puzzle? Help with recruiting or other administrative tasks?





Key Verification & Sharing

Allow members to verify they have a key share WITHOUT revealing the key. Keep track of what members hold which keys and how many unique keys your team manages. You can also share credit for keys with members if they helped you obtain it.




Cryptographic Tools

Not everyone on your team is a programmer or cryptographer. Ordo allows anyone to run the most popular tools used for solving puzzles.




MUCH more coming soon

(coming soon)

What Else Can Ordo Do?

Ordo not only responds to your commands but will be proactive in helping you during the hunt. You will be intimated about the scam or fake news that surrounds your product of interest like the one you see at https://www.cryptovibes.com/bear-grylls-bitcoin/.

SMS Relay

Many people are hesistant to provide their phone number to Satoshi's Treasure. Ordo has provided his and will instantly broadcast any clues he receives to your team.

Satellite Relay

Many people cannot setup their own satellite dish. Ordo can relay all messages received from the Blockstream satellite directly to your team.

Monitor Website

Who has time to refresh satoshistreasure.xyz all the time. Ordo can notify you when a change has been made so you can be the first to know!